With everyone being so busy these days you just want to get into your car and drive it. Checking your tyre pressures and overall condition regularly can make that drive a lot safer, cheaper and smoother and here’s why.

The importance of the correct tyre pressures

During the manufacturing process, cars are rigorously tested to determine the right tyre pressure and size for each individual make and model. This helps to ensure the peak performance of the car. Properly inflated tyres will maximise traction or grip because of the amount of tread in contact to the road surface.

Tyre pressures effect not only the performance of the car but also

Handling – how well the car steers and corners

Stopping distances

How evenly the tyres wear

Road safety

Fuel economy

If a tyre is under inflated

The tyre will wear on the outside edges.

The fuel economy will decrease by around 8% because the engine has to work harder to compensate for the increase in rolling friction.

The distance it takes to stop is increased

If vastly under inflated the tyre sidewall could be damaged causing a blowout or in worst case scenario it could come off the rim altogether.

If tyres are over inflated

The centre of the tyres will wear faster

There will be a decrease in traction or road grip so the car will be prone to skidding

The handling will be erratic

Check your tyres at least once a month

Your recommended tyre pressures can be found either in the owner’s manual, on labels inside the fuel flap or drivers door ledge or your local garage or tyre fitting company are usually happy to help.

The legal limit for tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. However tyre manufacturers strongly recommend at least 3mm to increase road holding and reduce braking distances in wet and icy conditions.

If you are local to us and require a tyres check contact us here and we’ll be happy to help.

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Published by Yvonne Garman

Since 2002 I've helped my husband Scott run 'The Organic Mechanic', our garage in Devon. I mainly take care of the admin and accounts side of the business and leave the mechanical wizardry to Scott, although it's not unknown for me to help him out from time to time. I came up with the idea of Auto Snakpax when I realised that many people didn't know what oil they should be using to top up their cars and the importance of it. When I started the website It lead me to the idea of this blog to address some of the things that our customers have asked about over the years, whether it's how to check their oil and other relevant maintenance they can do, or about cars that we've had in for repairs that have sparked interest. So here it is. I hope that you'll find something useful or interesting here and thanks for visiting our blog.

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