Auto Snakpax for modern, classic, American and air cooled vehicles
Simply give us your vehicle registration and we will make up a pack to your vehicle specifications


Auto Snakpax are packs of top up fluids made for modern, classic, American or air cooled vehicles containing 1 litre of OEM quality oil, 1 litre of pre mixed anti freeze and 1 litre of concentrated screenwash/de icer all made up of the correct grade of fluids for your vehicle based on manufacturers recommended specifications. We also make packs for air cooled VW's which contain 2x1 litres of straight 30 oil and 1 litre concentrated screenwash. Refills are also available when you need them.
We will need your registration, make and model so that we are able to make a pack to your vehicle requirements based on manufacturers recommendations or you can choose your own preferences from the drop down menus during the order process.
Yes if you know what grade of oil and anti freeze you want then simply choose from the drop down menus during the ordering process.
By using the correct grade of top up fluids in your car you are safeguarding it against potential costly repairs as well as possible voided warranty issues and also once you have bought the pack you can get a refill from us at any time for a fraction of the cost of buying these high quality OEM products 'off the shelf' by simply ordering a refill and sending the bottle back to us.
When your car is running well, its emissions are lower, it will use less fuel and stay healthy for longer cutting the need for repairs the knock on effect of which is more waste and more new cars having to be built which we believe to be counterproductive. Ensuring you are using the right oil and anti freeze will help to maintain your vehicle to its optimum. The packs are also refillable which cuts down on unnecessary plastic waste
Refill Reuse Reduce plastic waste