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Nutrition for your vehicle

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When your car is well maintained it runs more efficiently, the emissions are lower, it will use less fuel and stay healthy for longer cutting down on potentially expensive repairs. Using the correct grade of oil and anti freeze in your car is important because of all the different additives which are in different grades of oil and coolant and are required by different types of engine to maintain the efficient running and long life of the engine. We at Auto Snakpax believe that it is better to maintain a car which is already on the road as this reduces the need for more manufacturing and more waste which is an urgent consideration these days. We have made the packs so that they are refillable thereby reducing excessive plastic waste too. Auto Snakpax will save you money, not only by helping to limit the need for repairs but also the refills are available cheaper than the cost of buying 'off the shelf'. We only use high quality automotive fluids which are more expensive to buy in small quantities but as we are able to buy in bulk we are able to pass the savings on to you, providing you with a cost effective way to keep your car running well between services.